MANTAS EZCARAY(マンタス エスカライ)

In the ESCARAY LA RIOJA region of Spain. In 1930, VALGANON started as a textiles factory founded HIJIOS DE CECILO VALGANON company. Nowadays, it has gained high reputation from famous Maison as a brand that offers products using mohair materials. The raw threads used for our products are made of superior quality material in the textile market and backed by the International Mohair Association and International Wool Secretaria. Skilled craftsmen consistently conduct the process of cutting, dyeing and weaving the hair, and the machine that spins the finest mohair with its luster has been working for 100 years.

スペインのモヘヤストールブランドMANTAS EZCARAY(マンタスエスカライ)は1930年の創業以来、伝統的な製法を継承することに努めており、製法のこだわりにより他に類をみない風合いと発色の良さが製品に生されています。

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